British Superkart Racing Club

F125 Open General Information

Class Description

The F125 open class is as it says on the tin, a 125cc engine, and open (within regulations) as to what you can do. This is the class to enter if you are a newcomer as it only requires a national B to compete. This is one of the most competitive classes at the moment and is still growing! Expect races with up to 30 karts competing and 40 at the Kart GP!

Class Specifications

  • 125cc liquid cooled engines, regulations permit a higher compression barrel and digital ignition compared to the 125KZ class.
  • 45-50 BHP
  • Weight limit of 185kg
  • 0-60 in 4 seconds
  • Increased aerodynamics of the KZ class allow top speeds of up to 125mph!

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